Welcome to the USS Ticonderoga NX 95621!

The year is 2399. The Galaxy is on the cusp of the 25th Century. Starfleet is still rebuilding its fleet after a Borg incursion into Federation space two years earlier. The casualties were high but they managed to destroy the cube before it could reach Earth.

The Romulans have recently reopened their borders after a 5 year civil war behind closed doors. The new Praetor wants the Romulan Empire to rejoin the galactic neighbour but no one knows his true intentions.

The Klingon High Council has fallen. The 24 great houses have split the Empire. Each with their own goals and purpose, the houses push out in rapid expansion. They seized the opportunity to regain lost territory from the Romulans during their civil war. Due to the lack of unity within the Empire they’ve left the Federation alone tending to push further into the Beta Quadrant.

The Cardassian Union is once again a military power. With Starfleet’s weakened state the Cardassian’s used the opportunity to build their fleet up so they could stand on their own once again. They too are looking to regain old territories lost, mainly the Bajor System. They want to gain control of the wormhole so they wage a revenge war on the Dominion.

Starfleet wants to bring back the ‘Golden Era’. They want to send ships out on missions of discovery, but to do this they must keep their neighbours in check.

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» So It Begins

Mission: Mission 1: Out of the Frying Pan...
Posted on Wed Feb 5th, 2020 @ 8:03am by Commodore Jack Colburn & Ensign Joanna Colburn

It was a cold rainy day in Edinburgh. It had been the first time he’d come back since the funeral almost ten years earlier. A lot had happened in that time. He still wished he had his mentor’s ear to talk to every now and then. All the Counselor’s in…