Commodore Jack Colburn

Name Jack Colburn

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 52

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10


Children Joanna Colburn (22 years old)
Kyle Colburn (10 Years old)
Gemma Colburn (10 Years old)
Father Kyle Colburn (deceased)
Mother Joanna Colburn (deceased)

Personality & Traits

Personal History Jonathan was born to Kyle and Joanna Colburn in November 2347. Both his parents were Starfleet officers and at the time of his birth was stationed at a research lab in Sussex, England. He spent the first few years of his life with his parents in England, but when they were both transferred to a Starship, the USS Melbourne, they wasn’t sure about bring up their son and future children in such a cramped environment so asked Kyle’s brother Jonah and his family to look after Jonathan until they could transfer back to Earth based assignments.

Jonathan found the transition hard, moving from England to New Berlin on the moon, where his Uncle and Aunt lived. But, in time it began to feel like home. He was embraced and warmly welcomed by his extended family but dreamed of his own parents returning.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen as they were both still aboard the Melbourne when it was called into action against the Borg at Wolf 359. The ship was lost with all hands in the engagement.

Jonathan came to terms with his parents' loss quickly, which worried his Uncle and Aunt. He threw himself into his schooling so he too could wear the Starfleet uniform, the same as both his parents.

Aged 17, he joined the academy and excelled in security, tactical and diplomacy.

Jack, the nickname his Uncle and Aunt gave him, graduated Starfleet academy in 2368, aged 21. His first assignment was part of the security detail at the Federation embassy on Qo’noS. Where he gained good experience in both Security and Diplomacy.

In 2372, the Klingon Empire pulled out of the Khitomer Accords and all out war began with the Federation. The Embassy was given an hour to evacuate. 30 minutes later Klingon troops entered the Embassy and a fire fight ensued, leaving most of the security detachment dead. Luckily, Colburn was part of the team that protected the Ambassador and managed to get him to the Runabout and leave.

Jack was reassigned shortly after returning from Qo’noS to the starship Sapphire, a excelsior class starship, as a tactical officer. The Sapphire patrolled the Klingon board with Starfleets 4th fleet. The 4th fleet engaged the Klingons numerous times and took heavy losses. During the last engagement the Sapphire took extensive damage and was retired from service.

With a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, he was transferred aboard the Thunderchild, as her assistant chief tactical officer. Shortly after they left spacedock from the Thunderchild’s refit, they were ordered to stand with the fleet against a new Borg threat. He could wait to face them in battle.

During the battle with the Borg cube, the Chief Tactical Officer was killed and Colburn took his place. Thunderchild was part of the final assault on the Cube under the command of Captain Picard and the Enterprise-E.

Jack hoped to keep the Chief position aboard the Thunderchild but the Commanding officer though he was still too young and inexperienced to take on the role.

He served with distinction during his time aboard the Thunderchild through the beginning part of the war with the Dominion. In 2375, he was transferred to the IKS Ki’tang as their Chief Gunner, as the ship was short handed for the second battle of Chin’toka.

The IKS Ki’tang was the only allied ship to survive the major encounter with the new Dominion-Breen fleet. Due to a warp core containment problem which Jack helped the Ki’tang’s Chief Engineer solve with an adjustment of the tritium intermix.

Jack spends the rest of the war on board the IKS Ki’tang, and is involved in most of the major victories towards the end of the war including the final battle.
After the war, the Klingon Defense Force asked Colburn to stay with them while they recruited more officers, but he declined the invitation in favour of heading back to Starfleet.

Given a promotion to full Lieutenant, he was then assigned to the new embassy on Cardassia and put in charge of the security detail. He spent a few years helping to rebuild Cardassia. He helped train the new Cardassia Governments security forces as well as liaise with the military.

In 2386 he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to Deep Space 3 as the new Chief of Security and second officer. He enjoyed his time on DS3 and enjoyed the challenges that command gave him.

In 2388 he was given his chance to take his command skills to the next level. He was given a promotion to Commander and given command of the USS Kumari. With this came a difficult mission, collect Emperor Kahless from Klingon space and deliver him to Starfleet medical on earth where he could receive medical attention for a defect which occurred in the cloning process.

After the completion of the mission Colburn was quickly promoted to Captain.

His next mission proved difficult, he was sent to Gonal, a particularly nasty region where Starfleet was hated. The Kumari was ordered to find out who was shipping weapons to Klingon dissidents. During the course of the mission Jack found he had a 11 year old daughter from a previous relationship with a Klingon.

During the mission the Kumari was framed for destroying a civilian Ferengi vessel and was ordered to return back to starfleet command for questioning. However, Jack disobeyed a direct order and decided to clear his own name and the name of his crew. He had the proof but knew there were powers within Starfleet working against him, he needed to personally hand the evidence over to Admiral Banda at Providence Fleetyards.

To do this, Jack ordered the Kumari into Romulan space, they attacked a Romulan vessel and stole their cloaking device. Kumari used that cloaking device to get to Providence, where Jack surrendered himself and passed his evidence to Admiral Banda.

Colburn was removed from command as an inquiry into his actions was held. He had caused a diplomatic incident with the Romulan government and they wanted his blood. However, when the evidence was presented it showed the Captain in good stead although his actions weren’t the best. He was able to keep his rank, however, he was reassigned to a desk job. Something the Romulan’s were livid about.

The crew of Kumari were transferred to a Luna class vessel also named Kumari, under a new Commanding Officer, Captain Claudia Ainscow.

However, an opportunity came up to attack a sovereignty of Kahless ship yard and Colburn was seen by Admiralty as the best man for the job. He was reinstated as Kumari’s Commanding Officer and Task Group Mo’Kai’s Lead Ship.

The mission was a success which put Jack back into Starfleet's good books.

Shore leave on Risa for a couple of weeks was given to the Kumari’s crew after their dangerous and hard fought mission.

Just before they left Risa, Jack received some bad news. Admiral Victor Walker, Jack’s mentor, had passed away. Jack travelled Earth for the funeral, however on his return back to Kumari his shuttle disappeared.

Romulan agents had kidnapped Colburn and taken him back to Romulan space to stand trial for his crimes against the empire.

As a show of good faith the Romulans decided to commute the death sentence and imprison him. Jack spent two and a half years in a Romulan prison until Starfleet could negotiate his release.

He was taken back to Earth to begin his recovery. After 6 months he was ready to pull on his uniform again. It was decided that he shouldn’t take on a vessel to command but instead was made commandant of Starfleet Academy.

Two years later he was promoted to Commodore for his excellent work with the Academy.
Service Record 2364 – Joined Starfleet Academy
2368 – Graduated Starfleet Academy, assigned to the Embassy on Qo’noS.
2372 – Assigned to the USS Sapphire, tactical officer.
2373 – Assigned to the USS Thunderchild, assistant Chief Tactical Officer, promoted to Lieutenant JG.
2375 – Assigned to the IKS Ki’tang, Chief Gunner
2375 – Assigned to the Embassy on Cardassia, Chief of Security, Promoted to full Lieutenant
2380 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
2386 – Assigned to Deep Space 3, Chief of Security and Second Officer.
2388 – Takes command of the USS Kumari. Promoted to Commander.
2388- Promoted to Captain
2389- Revealed of Command, USS Kumari
2389- Reinstated of Command, USS Kumari
2389- Captured by Romulans and imprisoned
2392- Released and returned to the Federation
2393- Recovery from imprisonment
2394- Appointed Commandant of Starfleet Academy
2397- Promoted to Commodore
2399- Assigned to the USS Ticonderoga, Commanding Officer

Classified Service Record

2366 – Approached by Starfleet Intelligence to become an agent.
2368 – Assigned to the Embassy on Qo’noS due to Starfleet Intelligence hearing rumours about changes in the Klingon Government.
2372 – Starfleet Intelligence releases Colburn to Starfleet due to war with the Klingons.
2375 – Starfleet Intelligence reassigns Jack to the IKS Ki’tang in order to keep an eye on the Klingons fleet deployments.
2375 – In order to keep informed on the goings on with the new Cardassian governement, Colburn was assigned as Chief of Security to the new Embassy on Cardassia Prime.
2386 – Colburn was sent to Deep Space 3 to relay first hand information on the Breen.