So It Begins

Posted on Wed Feb 5th, 2020 @ 8:03am by Commodore Jack Colburn & Ensign Joanna Colburn

Mission: Mission 1: Out of the Frying Pan...
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Timeline: MD1 - 1430 Hours

It was a cold rainy day in Edinburgh. It had been the first time he’d come back since the funeral almost ten years earlier. A lot had happened in that time. He still wished he had his mentor’s ear to talk to every now and then. All the Counselor’s in Starfleet couldn’t replace that one man.

He put down the bunch of flowers he’d brought with him onto the grave. He then touched the headstone and took a moment to remember the great man that was Admiral Walker. He said a few things to him in his mind before rising to his feet.

He simply stood for a few minutes and looked at the picture on the headstone. The rain continued to come down making him get wetter and wetter. However, he just didn’t care, he was there to show his respects and that’s what he’d do.

He heard footfalls approach from behind him, splashing in the water on the ground with each step. Suddenly the rain stopped hitting him, it took him a couple of moments to realise an umbrella was above him keeping the rain off of him.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, sir.” Came the female voice from behind him. “An urgent message has just come in for you.”

“I took a couple of days leave for a reason.” Unable to hide his frustration.

“I realise that, sir, but it’s from the CiC. It’s marked as urgent.” She replied.

He let out a sigh before turning, “Thank you for letting me know, Ensign.” He said before taking the holo communicator from her and activated it. An image of Fleet Admiral Hutchinson appeared, ordering him to attend a meeting the day after tomorrow. He closed the holocomm and passed it back to the Ensign. “Looks like we’re heading back to San Francisco.”

“I’m sorry, Dad. I know how much you were looking forward to a few days away from the academy.” She said, her tone changed to a softer, more chilled one.

“It’s fine, part of wearing the uniform. I wonder what Hutchinson wants now.” He replied.

“Only one way to find out, Dad.”

He nodded, “Let’s get out of the weather.” He said before tapping his comm badge. “This is Commodore Colburn, sight to sight transport for two to Edinburgh Castle Hotel.”

A moment later a transporter beam engulfed them and whisked them away and out of the cold rainy weather.